Task 2- Jing

I have chosen to use Jing as my screencasting technology. I was looking at using Screenr or Screencast-o-matic but found them hard to download as it was saying that I had not installed Java onto my computer. This confused me, so I tried using Jing and found it very easy to use. I downloaded Jing onto my computer and small sun appeared at the top of the screen which gave me the option to create a screencast at any given time. I have not yet made my screencast, but have completed writing a short script as a guideline for all the information that I need to include while entering a webpage type reference into a word document using Endnote. I will now do my screencast and embed it onto my website. Zoho sites has an embedding tool which I discovered while fiddling around.


Week 8- Website Progress

Yesterday I did a lot of work on my website. After going to the lecture on Tuesday morning and reading through my feedback for Assignment 1, I have tried to make sure that I include anything that I missed out in Assignment 1 as well as try and improve on areas that I was not happy with. This mainly includes adding more appropriate and relevant images to my blog posts and I might change my picture on my ‘About Me’ page. Although it is not inappropriate, I do not feel it is professional enough. I have included an explanation of what Assignment 2 entails, information regarding my teaching area, group members, and reference type. As well as the name of my resource and further information explaining what it is about. My research technology (Google) has been included with a brief description of why I chose Google as well as a hyperlink to the original site of the article.

I have managed to find my resource! Making the Most of Wikis in Your Science or Math Classroom is an article that focuses on the use of wikis in the classroom as an education technology while teaching science. The information supplied in this particle article is valuable to students and teachers as it includes suggestions for what information could be put onto a wiki and how that may enhance a student’s learning. It is written by David R. Wetzel who has created a website that includes a variety of information for teacher’s in the field of science and math.

After finding this article/website, I have written my paragraph that briefly summarises and explains the overall purpose of the article in a Word document. I am happy with the length of this summary and the information I have supplied in it.

From this point, I will be working on my Screencast!

Week 8- Further Research

Week 8- Further Research

While looking for my resource, I came across this website that had a slideshow with information on wiki’s and blogs. I found the information very helpful in clarifying how a wiki can be a useful tool in teaching. Although I will not be using this site as my resource, it has made it clear to me that sourcing a science wiki would be a good choice for this assignment. Click on the title ‘Week 8- Further Research’ to be directed to this website.

Week 8- EndNote

endnote library

In today’s tutorial I created my EndNote library! I did not know that it was that easy! All I had to do was search ‘EndNote’ on my computer, then click ‘Create New Library’, save it to my desktop and then I had created my new EndNote library. It took all of 2 minutes and I was then able to explain it to my other group members. Though we did find out that because I do not have a mac and everyone else did, it was hard to work out the big differences in downloading. I did suggest seeing the IT staff in the library as I found them very helpful. They did not show me how to do it, but the end product was a success.

Back to researching my resource! From talking to my tutor, I have clarified that I am looking for a website that discusses technology being used in the classroom. From this, it has become a lot more clear. Hopefully I will have more success in finding my resource from this point on. I have found a very helpful video on YouTube that gives a 7 minute tutorial on how to use Endnote.

http://www.eagan.k12.mn.us/fletcher/acn/. This link includes student examples of an assignment which involved filming the topic of interest and making a short film/documentary which explains the process/substance/topic etc. For their assignment, the use of cameras is the technology. I am not sure if this is what I am after for my assignment, and so will keep looking.

Week 8- Research

screencast 1

This week I began researching my resource through Google.

I began by typing in key words such as, ‘science teaching with technology, science blogs, teaching science with technology, technology tools for teaching, websites for science teaching etc’. From typing in these key words, I found that there were a lot of results that were from teachers that had a website that included ideas for teaching science in the classroom. This is not quite what the assignment asks for though. I need to find a website or blog that uses technology to help teach science in the classroom. A website that I did find that only had ideas for technology was from a retired teacher. The website would be very helpful if it included ways to include technology in the classroom. This is the link and although it does not relate directly to this assignment, it would be a helpful tool for me in the classroom. Visit this site for ideas for teaching science in the classroom. http://www.mjksciteachingideas.com/.

As a result, I am back to researching again to find my resource.


Task 2- Progress

Over the past few days, I have been looking at the information provided on the Technology Toolbox regarding screencasting. Although this seems as though I am moving through the assignment backwards, I found that I could not complete the other steps of the assignment because I was unsure of what screencasting was and how it was needed for this task. From watching the videos for Screenr, Screencast-o-matic and Jing, I now have a better understanding of the technology. I have found a great site that compares 12 free screencasting technologies.

From this point, I will be researching how technology can be used in the classroom with relevance to my topic of Science. I am a little confused at this point but will be in contact with my group members for further guidance.

Task 2- Researcher

This week we began discussing our second assignment. The task involves researching how technology can aid us in teaching our subject of choice. We will then learn how to use EndNote or any other referencing tool and create a screencast that instructs the viewer how to reference a certain type of resource. These resources include us researching 1. Book or e-book, 2. journal article, 3. wiki, blog, website, 4. podcast with relevance to a chosen subject type. Today’s tutorial was a great starting point. In our groups of four, we have already decided on our subject, which is Science and I have chosen the website, wiki or blog as my resource type. From this point, I will be reading Chapter 9 from our textbook, Meaningful Learning with Technology (Howland, Jonassen & Marra, 2012). Hopefully this will give me a better understanding of how technology can help me as a future teacher.

I am excited to make the screencast as I have never made one before and I am also looking forward to building onto my current e-portfolio.