Task 3- Final Week

Task 3- Final Week

Last week was the final week to work on our assignment before the draft was due.
Lydia and I made a lot of progress when it came to adding information onto our teacher and student resources pages and home page.
We have had a lot of problems with group work. While Lydia and I have been proactive in our approach to this task, I have found that Grace has been unwilling to put in time and effort to contribute. There has been many attempts to contact her but the emails have gone unanswered. The deadlines that we have set as a group have not been met by Grace and I am slightly disappointed at how much effort she has put in compared to us. She did end up completing week 4 and 5 of the lesson plan which was very helpful!
I have learnt that we need to begin making a big dent in group assignments when we are first given them to allow for problems that may arise and that may take a little while to solve. I have also learnt that on the first day of making our group, we needed to exchange all contact details including phone numbers and email addresses as sometimes email addresses are not enough to get in contact with someone. We also needed to divide the task up more evenly amongst the members, though it was hard as Grace was not available at the times we were meeting up.

Lydia and I have worked on the presentation that we must embed on our site. Lydia went home and made a start on the powerpoint slides and then sent it to me. I then wrote notes and changed a few things on the slides, saved it and sent it back to her with my changes that had been made. This worked out very well and I felt that it was a good way of working through this section of the task. I have emailed Grace with the details of what will be included in the presentation including information about how she only completed weeks 4 and 5 of the lesson plan.
Lydia and I decided that using Powerpoint and then making a Jing screencast would be the best way to present our video. Lydia narrated the screencast and has supplied a link on our wikispace. She did message to say that she had trouble embedding the file on our page but I found a link that will hopefully help! http://classroomk12.wikispaces.com/Embed+Jing+Video (This is the link that I sent Lydia).

I have completed my two peer reviews of two other groups’ wiki spaces. For one of the reviews I found that the groups idea was well chosen and thought about, but their wiki page was a little disorganised and all over the place. I am sure that they will sort all of it out by the due date on Friday. I found that I had a lot of things that I could write about and there were many points at which I could give constructive criticism.
The second group’s wiki was wonderful! It was very informative and relevant. I enjoyed looking through each of their pages and looking at their ideas and thought processes. It was very professional and helpful for teachers!

The next step in completing this assignment, is for each member of my group to submit their own cover page and marking rubric. Keeping in mind that all members of the group will receive the same mark.

I have included a screenshot of our wiki’s homepage. It is not the complete homepage, but it will give you an idea of what our wikispace looks like.

I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me on this journey through teaching and learning with technology. It has been very interesting and challenging for me but I have enjoyed this EDN113 unit very much.


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