Task 3- Progress

In Tuesday’s lecture Jenni went into detail about different ways that we could present our video describing our teacher resource and how we worked together as a group. At this point, I personally think that Authorstream would be a good presentation tool. Though when speaking about this with Lydia (one of my group members), using a screencasting technology such as Jing might be a good idea as well. We are not at the stage where we will be making our 5 minute presentation but it is something that we need to think about.

During the past couple of weeks we have had some trouble getting together as a group to work on our assignment. In this weeks workshop on Wednesday morning we made some progress. We have created our groups wiki using Wiki Spaces and have made some great progress. I have completed the key notes on how our task is authentic as well as expanding on information about various extension activities.

Lydia has been working very hard on the Home Page and finding lots of different resources to help students. Grace has been asked to complete the lesson plan and have it up on the wiki site by tomorrow so hopefully that will be ready to go.

The draft for this task is to be completed by Monday the 13th of May. I believe that we will have the majority of the assignment complete leaving the rest of the week for minor fix-ups so it can be submitted finally on Friday the 17th of May. I have enjoyed working on this assignment. It has been an interesting process thinking about what teachers could do to help make children’s learning as authentic as possible. I hope to learn from other groups’ wiki pages and maybe even apply them to my classroom when I am a qualified teacher

Feel free to visit Our Wiki page to see our ideas and what we have completed so far. There is still a long way to go but we are making progress!


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