Task 3- Brainstorming

Task 3- Brainstorming

On Friday, Lydia and I met up at uni to start brainstorming ideas for our assignment. I found that we achieved a lot and have gained a clearer idea of what this assignment is asking of us. We have decided to do natural disasters as our topic. To make this decision, we looked on Scootle and clicked on the Science link that showed us a number of resources for different topics. We found natural disasters interesting.
Our brainstorm included deciding on how long the project would run for, which types of technologies the students could use and whether it was an individual or group assignment. We have decided on a 6 week program, youtube, blogging and general internet access as their technologies and completing the assignment in a group. Our teaching group will be years 6 and 7. We worked out the teaching group by looking on the curriculum council app that I had downloaded on my phone. The image I have included shows how the app looks on my phone. The year 6 and 7 curriculum allows the students to explore why something happens, rather than just explaining an event.
We also began breaking each week down to work out what the students would be doing each class. We did not get very far with this because we had not worked out WHY learning about natural disasters is authentic and relevant and WHAT they will learn.

We will all have to now work out what the students will gain from doing this project.


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