Week 9- Task 3

Week 9- Task 3

In Tuesday’s lecture we discussed Task 3. We have been instructed to plan an authentic learning project that students can do where they will use technology of some kind to create a product. The technologies that the students can use could be anything! From movies, to websites, to digital storytelling, photo collections and presentations. The number of technologies that can be employed in the classroom as learning tools is amazing! We discussed some major points that must be addressed in this task. The target audience is not the students, but the teachers! We are providing advice to other teachers on how to include technology in the classroom. The task that we set for the students must extend over several lessons and it must be Authentic. An authentic task is a task that has real world relevance. Where a child can complete the task, and make connections that are relevant to them and the world around them.

In our groups in the tutorial on Wednesday, we had to decide on a teaching area of interest, like we did in Task 2. I am in a group with Grace and Lydia. Grace was not at the tutorial but Lydia and I have chosen to do Science. We are in the same groups as we were for Task 2 and have chosen Science again. I have been in contact with Grace to inform her of our choices. We are yet to decide on an educational topic of interest within the topic of Science.
For this week, we are all going to brainstorm some ideas for what we could do for our topic. We then plan to meet up next week during the teaching free week to begin working on this task.

In the tutorial on Wednesday, Helen recommended that we register with Scootle. Scootle is a website that provides teachers with digital curriculum resources. Each subject in the curriculum is covered. It was very easy to register. Once registered I can access any resource that is on the site. I clicked on Science and it came up with a number of different topics. Click on this link to see what I have been looking at. http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/browse?topic=Science. I have also been to the AppStore on my iPhone and downloaded the Curriculum Council App. On the Technology Toolbox website, there is a link that also takes you to the Curriculum Council website.

I am quite excited to work on this assignment in my group. I think it will be a great way to get some ideas on helpful and fun technology can be when used in the classroom.


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