Task 2- Tutorial Week 9

Task 2- Tutorial Week 9

In today’s tutorial we discussed how the peer reviews were going. In our group, we have had a lot of problems with peer reviewing within our group. My group members are Grace, Lydia and Ashli. Ashli emailed me on Monday and told me that she would not be able to complete the assignment as she was in hospital. With this information, I emailed Helen (Tutor), and asked for advice on how we would be able to complete the peer reviews. Helen replied and said that we would be joined with another group. Somehow, Grace was swapped with Amy-lee, so she was no longer in our group. Lydia and I have now had to review eachothers, Amy-lee’s and one other persons. Today we finalised and sorted all this out and I have completed all 3 of my peer reviews.

The photo I have included shows my screencast being downloaded to a http format. In my last blog post, I wrote about not being able to embed my screencast video onto my zoho site. I decided to try and add a annotated hyperlink on my site as well. I clicked on my sun at the top of the screen, clicked history, clicked on the ‘eye’ icon which allows me to view the screencast, and then clicked on the ‘share via screencast.com’. This downloaded and opened up a window with a http:// web address that I could hyperlink onto my webpage.

At this point, I will be making another screencast as I am not completely happy with the quality of the video.


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