Jing- creating my screencast

Jing- creating my screencast

This is the small sun that appeared at the top of my screen after downloading Jing. When you move your mouse over the top of the icon, there will be an option on the left called ‘Capture’. I clicked on this, selected the area that I wanted my viewers to see, clicked on the ‘capture video’ icon and the recording started within 3 seconds.
From there, I began creating my screencast. I found it very difficult to get it right the first time. I think I attempted about 4 times before I settled on my final screencast.
After completing the screencast, I found that there were details that I had forgotten to mention. These included changing the setting to APA 6th edition and mentioning that EndNote automatically puts an end text reference at the end of your document. I will need to redo my screencast to make sure I am completely happy with the standard.

I did experience a little bit of difficulty when adding my Jing screencast onto my Zoho website. Zoho has an embedding tool but I was not sure how to use it. I looked at Sample 1 on LMS and found information that pertained directly to working out my problem. Jenni had included information about a SWF element for embedding Jing videos. I completed this successfully but the video has extended out of view. I will add a link that explains why this occurs. http://jennip98eportfolio.zohosites.com/Researcher.html.


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