Week 8- Website Progress

Yesterday I did a lot of work on my website. After going to the lecture on Tuesday morning and reading through my feedback for Assignment 1, I have tried to make sure that I include anything that I missed out in Assignment 1 as well as try and improve on areas that I was not happy with. This mainly includes adding more appropriate and relevant images to my blog posts and I might change my picture on my ‘About Me’ page. Although it is not inappropriate, I do not feel it is professional enough. I have included an explanation of what Assignment 2 entails, information regarding my teaching area, group members, and reference type. As well as the name of my resource and further information explaining what it is about. My research technology (Google) has been included with a brief description of why I chose Google as well as a hyperlink to the original site of the article.

I have managed to find my resource! Making the Most of Wikis in Your Science or Math Classroom is an article that focuses on the use of wikis in the classroom as an education technology while teaching science. The information supplied in this particle article is valuable to students and teachers as it includes suggestions for what information could be put onto a wiki and how that may enhance a student’s learning. It is written by David R. Wetzel who has created a website that includes a variety of information for teacher’s in the field of science and math.

After finding this article/website, I have written my paragraph that briefly summarises and explains the overall purpose of the article in a Word document. I am happy with the length of this summary and the information I have supplied in it.

From this point, I will be working on my Screencast!


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