Week 8- EndNote

endnote library

In today’s tutorial I created my EndNote library! I did not know that it was that easy! All I had to do was search ‘EndNote’ on my computer, then click ‘Create New Library’, save it to my desktop and then I had created my new EndNote library. It took all of 2 minutes and I was then able to explain it to my other group members. Though we did find out that because I do not have a mac and everyone else did, it was hard to work out the big differences in downloading. I did suggest seeing the IT staff in the library as I found them very helpful. They did not show me how to do it, but the end product was a success.

Back to researching my resource! From talking to my tutor, I have clarified that I am looking for a website that discusses technology being used in the classroom. From this, it has become a lot more clear. Hopefully I will have more success in finding my resource from this point on. I have found a very helpful video on YouTube that gives a 7 minute tutorial on how to use Endnote.

http://www.eagan.k12.mn.us/fletcher/acn/. This link includes student examples of an assignment which involved filming the topic of interest and making a short film/documentary which explains the process/substance/topic etc. For their assignment, the use of cameras is the technology. I am not sure if this is what I am after for my assignment, and so will keep looking.


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