Thoughts and Feelings (Discussion)- Week 2

This morning I had a conversation with my mum about technology. It was just a quick chat but it was interesting to see how dramatically different it was for my mum in terms of the amount of technology there was. We discussed how there was no such thing as mobiles or laptops or anything of that nature. Schooling was very straight forward and there was not a great deal of parent input or influence. Children were less accessible to teachers and teachers less accessible to children. Now, with the introduction of email and mobile phones, it is easier for each party to contact one another. This can be seen as both a negative and a positive thing. As a student studying teaching, I do not want to be shut off from my students, but I am not sure that I want my students being able to have too much accessibility to me. And that is what I think will occur with the introduction of more technology. I guess what I am saying is that technology does have a huge purpose, but it does need to be used responsibly and with great care.  


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