Task 2- Researcher

This week we began discussing our second assignment. The task involves researching how technology can aid us in teaching our subject of choice. We will then learn how to use EndNote or any other referencing tool and create a screencast that instructs the viewer how to reference a certain type of resource. These resources include us researching 1. Book or e-book, 2. journal article, 3. wiki, blog, website, 4. podcast with relevance to a chosen subject type. Today’s tutorial was a great starting point. In our groups of four, we have already decided on our subject, which is Science and I have chosen the website, wiki or blog as my resource type. From this point, I will be reading Chapter 9 from our textbook, Meaningful Learning with Technology (Howland, Jonassen & Marra, 2012). Hopefully this will give me a better understanding of how technology can help me as a future teacher.

I am excited to make the screencast as I have never made one before and I am also looking forward to building onto my current e-portfolio.


Discussion Board Post- Week 4

Today I posted a question on the discussion board. I have not received a reply as yet. Although I had made a decision about my social technology, I just required some clarification regarding Dropbox and I thought that the discussion board would be the best way to go about this. The message that I posted can be seen below.


Hi there,

My social event aims to collect photos from my brother’s 21st
birthday. For my social technology, I have chosen to use Dropbox. I’m just
trying to work out whether or not it’s quite easy for other people to contribute
to my dropbox.

If I could grab some peoples thoughts on this that would
be great.

Thankyou 🙂
Fiona Marsh

Three Social Technologies Explored and Final Decision Made- Week 4

This week I have been researching a number of photo sharing technologies that will allow other people to contribute photos from my brother’s 21st birthday. I have been using the Technology Toolbox as a starting point for my research. I have researched 3 different technologies. Flickr, Instagram and Dropbox. I was looking for a social technology that would easily allow the guests to send me photos from the party.

Flickr was the first social technology that I viewed. The main focus of this tool is to share photos and videos with friends and family through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. A person will take a photo and then upload it to one or more of these social networking sites. It is a free download which is a positive. My main concern was that Flickr does not allow other people to post images on your profile. Other people are able to comment on your uploaded photos but that is it. There is no other way of interacting. So after I found this information out, I began looking elsewhere.

Instagram was the second social technology that I looked at. This is a free tool which allows people to take photos, place a filter of their choice onto the image and then share on either Facebook and/or Twitter. It became clear that both Flickr and Instagram are very similar in what they aim to do. Instagram is also a free application that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Many people can view your photos but again, they are not able to add any of their own photos to your profile. Therefore, Instagram is not a good social technology for this task as it does not allow people to contribute their own photos.

Dropbox was the final tool that I looked at. I had heard of this before but at first did not strike me as a tool that would be appropriate for my purpose of collecting photos from different people. As I researched Dropbox further, I found it to be very easy to use and it achieved the exact outcome that I was looking for. There is a great video on YouTube that describes Dropbox in very simple terms. I found this very useful when first researching this tool. From this video I gained more knowledge about what Dropbox does. Dropbox allows a person to not only share their files, photos and videos with their own different devices (laptop, desktop and phone), but can also create folders that allow other members, (upon invitation) to contribute their files, photos and videos. What also made this suitable was that it is a private tool which only allows invited people to view and contribute to the folder. The only downside of Dropbox is that you must pay for the amount of space that you think you will use. This being in terms of GB. Up to 2GB is free, but if you are sharing much larger files which require more GB, there is a cost per month that must be paid. I have still chosen to use Dropbox as the size of the files are not large.

From the information that I have supplied above, it is clear that Dropbox is the tool that I will be using for my social technology!

Change of Social Event- Week 4

I know this may be becoming quite tedious, but I have changed my social event yet again. This is my final decision. On Wednesday at my tutorial, it came to my attention that I was trying to do too much with my social event. I was trying to make it too interactive which was making it hard for me to find a social technology that suited my event. So, I have settled on planning an ongoing event in which I can collect photos from my brothers 21st birthday party from the guests that were at the party that also had cameras. This way, guests can include the photos that they like best and best show off my brother’s personality.

From this point, I will be researching social technologies that I can use to best display this social event.  

Group Discussion- Week 3

After discussing my social event with the girls in my tutorial, I have decided to change my social event. I have now chosen to plan a private High Tea Fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation at my house. My idea so far is that a number of my friends will be invited and they will be able to discuss what food they would like to bring (in the style of High Tea of course). If someone has an idea of something they would like to make/bring, there will be the option of other friends posting recipes that they like. 
At this point, this is as far as I have got in my thought processes. I will be continuing to work on my ideas and trying to find a social technology that will work best for this particular event.   

Thoughts and Feelings- Week 3

This week we have turned our focus onto our social event and which site would best display our event. I have decided on my social event. I am going to create a picture sharing forum in which people are able to buy and sell dance wear. People will be able to share pictures of items that they wish to sell. These may include dance shoes, leotards, dresses and hair pieces etc. Information that must be included with the items include size, how many times they have been worn and cost. If another person sees an item they like they can post an comment that states their interest for the item. I have not yet decided which photo sharing site I will use. I have been on google to research a few and have come across sites such as Photobucket, Flickr, Dropshots, Tinypic and Picasa. I am not sure if they are suitable for what I am trying to do.
It is definitely still a work in progress!

Thoughts and Feelings (Discussion)- Week 2

This morning I had a conversation with my mum about technology. It was just a quick chat but it was interesting to see how dramatically different it was for my mum in terms of the amount of technology there was. We discussed how there was no such thing as mobiles or laptops or anything of that nature. Schooling was very straight forward and there was not a great deal of parent input or influence. Children were less accessible to teachers and teachers less accessible to children. Now, with the introduction of email and mobile phones, it is easier for each party to contact one another. This can be seen as both a negative and a positive thing. As a student studying teaching, I do not want to be shut off from my students, but I am not sure that I want my students being able to have too much accessibility to me. And that is what I think will occur with the introduction of more technology. I guess what I am saying is that technology does have a huge purpose, but it does need to be used responsibly and with great care.