Thoughts and Feelings- Week 2

This weeks lecture was very helpful for getting started on creating our website. Being shown how to make a website on Zoho was great! I have now decided to use Zoho for my website. I chose this particular site as it appeared reasonably simple and user friendly. Particularly for first time website creators like myself. There were some examples of webpages created by students last year that did confuse me a little. But after reading through my unit guideline and my Assignment 1 information sheets, I have gained more confidence in what information I am to include.

In today’s workshop we did a very interesting and helpful task to help us with not only our blogging “technique”, but also our peer review skills. The task involved each of us writing down how we felt about the unit, our feelings about technology, how we are dealing with the problems that arise and who we are communicating with for ideas and confirmation. We were then told to move around the room and write a short constructive criticism on what the person could do to improve their blogging technique. When I returned to my table I found that although all my comments were very positive, there were no suggestions for improvement.

Between tasks during the workshop, I was attempting to deal with a problem that had arisen relating to my website. I was unable to work out how to add another tab/page on Zoho. It took me about an hour to work it out. I’m not sure it was the most correct way to do it, but I did achieve the desired result in the end. I have just watched a tutorial on youtube about how to use Zoho and have found it very helpful. Here is the link if anyone else is having any trouble,

After much deliberation, I have decided to use for my blog. I did some research on different blogging sites and found the majority of reviews to be positive. I have made one post previous to this one. A few of the design features have been difficult to operate but other than that I have found it quite simple.
I will update my progress as I work through this assignment!


Thoughts and Feelings- Week 1

In week 1, we were introduced to the importance and impact of technology use within the classroom. Although we will not be taught how to use devices such as an ipad or a smartboard, we will be given the opportunity to use webpage and blog technologies. Both the webpage and the blog are highlighted as a good tool for reflection and for storage of our work.
I left the lecture feeling slightly overwhelmed. This is because I have never been one to use technology to its full capacity. I am very unaware of what each piece of technology can do. I hope to come out of this unit feeling more comfortable with using different types of technology. In saying this, I am still skeptical about the over use of technology in the classroom. This may be deemed as an “old school” point of view, but it worries me that having so much technology available to students will reduce the amount of contact a teacher will have with their students. I can also see the positive side to technology use in the classroom. Here is a link to an interesting website that makes some very positive arguments for including technology in the curriculum,

My learning strategies so far in this unit involve a great deal of ‘Googling’ and talking to other people. At this point in time, I have not found either very helpful. Google gives a huge amount of information and I feel like I’m being bombarded. When talking to other students, I find that they are as lost as I am. I am thinking that using the discussion forum on LMS would be a good way of gaging if I am on the right track, as well as using the Technology Toolbox for Teachers. Either way, I am positive I will be able to work through this assignment successfully.